Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips on Planning a Bachelor Party Cruise

Holding your best friend’s bachelor party on one of the San Juan Islands cruises, in itself, is already special and convenient. You don’t have to worry about the food or libations as these can be included in the package.

However, it’s still your job as the best man to make the party memorable. You can do these by inviting the right people, preparing an exciting gimmick, and ensuring that everyone has fun.

Guest List

Set only a certain number of guests. Include in the guest list all the groom’s closest friends and relatives and make sure there’s no one there who could be a cause of conflict or tension. Remember: There is only the deep sea for stepping away from spats. So, if possible, let the groom check the guest list to ensure that you’re inviting all the right people.

Special Surprise

Think of a way you can make the night memorable for the groom. You can do this by creating a video presentation of the groom’s past dating life or anything about funny experiences he had. You can also take videos of the activities and take amusing pictures during the party. Compile the images as a gift by which the groom can remember the occasion.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Whatever happens, just have fun. This should be the number one rule that everyone, not just the groom, should follow during the occasion. It’s the only way the bachelor party cruise will be unforgettable.

These tips will guide you in planning for your best friend’s bachelor party cruise. It’s the last night of his single life, so make sure it’s going to be epic.

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