Thursday, September 15, 2016

Elements of a Burial Ceremony at Sea

When arranging a burial at sea ceremony, there are elements that can make it meaningful and memorable. These include the music, the readings, the eulogy, and the symbols. Considering these when organizing the service will help you create a send-off that the deceased person would have loved. Family members and friends can also pay tribute to their loved one better when you combine all these elements into a serene and intimate burial ceremony at sea.


Playing music during the service will help set a tone that lets guests freely express their feelings. A slow music with meaningful lyrics can allow the guests to remember their loved one. The type of music being played can also reflect the deceased person’s personality and life. If the deceased would have wanted their friends and family to remain happy despite the loss, an upbeat music can set the atmosphere for this. The late person’s favorite songs playing during the event will also bring the guests closer to their loved one for the last time.


Through readings, the deceased person’s life and philosophies can be highlighted and remembered. Depending on their religion or faith, there are certain readings that could convey their journey in the best possible way.


A eulogy is when a close friend or a family member conveys the life they shared with their loved one. It’s to remember how the deceased touched their lives, allowing them to pay proper tribute.


Loss can be so painful that words aren’t enough to express it. This is why symbols such as flowers, candles, food or even art are used during the service to convey meaning and emotions.

To ensure the ceremony’s success, remember some of these elements. They’re necessary to make the day as special as possible for both the deceased and their family and friends.

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