Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Things to Know about Burial at Sea Services

Private charters are not just for a romantic getaway date or a private party with family and friends. These days, their functions have expanded to include more unique ventures out at sea, such as burial ceremonies.

It is as unusual as it is curious, but for some people, this dramatic end is the perfect way for them to leave this mortal world. Should you or any of your loved ones consider having a burial at sea, however, know that there may be very strict state and federal regulations that you must follow.

Burial at Sea Regulations

Cremation ashes not a major concern. However, when dealing with actual human remains, there are strict policies that must be followed before carrying out burial at sea ceremonies.

There are only very specific locations where this kind of burial is allowed, and usually, this is beyond three nautical miles from shore. The materials to be used must also be easily biodegradable and decomposable within the marine environment. Items like made from plastics or metal flowers, are strictly prohibited. Any other types of remain (ie. pets) are also not allowed.

Who Can Offer Burial at Sea Services

Not just anyone can head out to sea and conduct their own private burial ceremony. Papers will have to be obtained, permissions secured, and the vessel properly certified and allowed to carry out this particular task.

That’s why it’s very important that you seek only the services of properly recognized and authorized charter services for burial at sea ceremonies. They are in the best position to help you carry out this unique farewell to your loved one, and they are very familiar with the requirements that must be met.

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