Thursday, October 6, 2016

Is It Time Again for the Medicine of the Sea?

Stressed at work? Have you been wanting to get away from everything? Do you feel the urge to simply relax and unwind for a while? Have you been finding yourself reminiscing over the cruise trip you took a couple of years ago? If you answer yes to any of these, then your heart may have been missing the sea and all its beauty.

Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to consider the therapeutic value of San Juan Islands cruises:

You’ve Been Lacking Some Sunshine

If you’ve been spending most of your hours inside an office and you can’t remember when you last felt the warmth of the sun, then it’s probably time to get some vitamin sea. A vacation cruising the San Juans is an excellent way to absorb nutrients from the sun and find the perfect antidote to being cooped up in an office building.

You Find Yourself Looking Through Cruise Photos Often

Browsing repeatedly through photos of your last cruise could mean you’re missing adventure on the water. Don't be ashamed of your water lust, however. The sights and sounds on the sea fulfill a sense to return to a raw environment that feeds and nourishes your spirit. Don’t just obsess over pictures. Book a San Juan Islands cruise as soon as possible and bring your camera to take photos of lush island scapes, bountiful sea life and local culture.

Cruise-Related Apps

Installing cruise-related apps in your mobile device alerts you to updates about prices and promos so that you can save up, prepare your bags, and get on board.

Don’t waste any time after experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms; start booking your San Juan Islands cruise tour to let the sea doctors cure your ills.

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