Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Some Obvious Signs that You Are Meant to Sail

Wondering if a sailing adventure in the San Juan Islands is for you? While it can be for anyone, including those who don’t possess sailing or navigational skills, there are certain signs that reveal you were born for the sea. If you find any of these signs manifesting themselves, pack your bag and book a sailing trip as fast as you can.

Light Packer

Is your luggage always lighter than any of your friends when you go on a trip? Do you find it funny when you see them squeezing all their stuff into their suitcases? Ability to pack light and survive only on the essentials could mean a sailor's blood flows through your veins. The sea doesn’t care much about materialism and it welcomes those who enjoy the thrill of discovering the unknown without being tied to possessions.

Wind Lover

If you’re the kind of traveler who loves the feel of crisp, fresh wind on their face, then you may satisfy your heart’s desire on a sailboat. Being that close to nature may rouse your inner passion for the sea and all of its wonders.

A History Enthusiast

Sailing has been around for centuries, and the best of the ships out there boast rich histories. People who are interested in the past and its traditions may find a connection with vessels and the sea. Just the fact that sailboats are one of the most significant inventions in the world is enough to draw a history lover’s attention. If you have a thirst for what and who preceded us, then you may want to start learning more about sailing.

See if you share any of the aforementioned traits and if there is an innate sailor cloaked in a landlubber's apparel. Then, test out your suspicion by booking a sailing charter in the San Juan Islands.

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