Saturday, March 11, 2017

Some Famous People Who Loved the Sea Opt for a Burial At Sea Ceremony

In a previous article, we mentioned five noteworthy people who left express instructions to be followed upon their passing, for a burial at sea ceremony. As things turn out, there are quite a number of other famous people who’ve done the same thing.

Some had their remains cremated before having their ashes released into the oceans. While this practice departs from the “traditional” burial, the occasion is no less solemn.

Here’s a rundown of five more famous people whose chose to have their remains scattered in the oceans.

Robin Williams

Many people would remember beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, whose fame spread far and wide on the TV show Mork & Mindy. Good Morning Vietnam launched his film career in earnest. Pretty much all of his performances showed his prowess in comedy and then in drama. Read more from this blog:

Friday, March 10, 2017

Burials at Sea: What to Avoid, What to Expect, What to Prepare For

More and more people are opting for civilian burials at sea every year. It is ideal for those who are looking for a unique way to commemorate the departed. If you’re considering one, it is recommended to know as much as you can about the process to make it truly special.

What To Avoid

In some parts of the world, there have been reports of bodies buried at sea that washed up near people, as well as in fishnets. This is why burials at sea are strictly regulated in US waters. It is vital to ensure that your ceremony will not lead to similar incidents months after. The only way to do this is by making sure to work a reputable company to help you with your preparations.

What to Expect

The process is fairly straightforward, but it does follow guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, the ceremony should be in accordance with the accepted practices and requirements of the United States Coast Guard, the United States Navy, or the civil authority that is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the arrangement. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ready for San Juan Island Whale Watching? Here are Important Things that You Should Know

San Juan Island is the best place in the world to see a killer whale, also known as an orca. No wonder San Juan Island whale watching is a spectacle that draws in more than 500,000 people every year.

If you want to be a part of this spectacle any time soon, then you must know some things to ensure you enjoy that spectacle.

Give The Whales Some Space

U.S. regulations require boaters to maintain a distance of 200 yards from killer whales. These regulations apply, with some exceptions, to most vessels in Washington’s inland waters.

If you’re in a boat wherein the whale pops up within 100 to 200 yards of your position, then the boat’s operator should move out of the animal’s way. The vessel shouldn’t be under power if the creature is within 100 yards. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands: A Brief Ecological Guide

Truly, whale watching in the San Juan Islands offers a memorable experience for everybody. This is why every year, the waterways around the islands teem with boats and cruisers filled with people hoping to watch the gentle giants in the wild. Land-based whale watching is also available from some of the island parks for the benefit of those who do not have boats or cannot get on one.

For the experience to continue year after year, however, it is imperative that, as witnesses of the rare beauty of this spectacle, you should do everything we can to preserve it while enjoying it. To that end, these recommendations for sustainable and respectful whale watching should be considered.Read more from this blog:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The History and Practical Considerations of Having a Burial at Sea

While there is no solid data on the frequency of giving the dearly departed a burial at sea in the United States, industry insiders have seen a marked increase in the number of inquiries they receive for the service compared to previous years.

When did the tradition start, what does it signify, and why does it appeal to people?

Burial at Sea: A Brief History

The tradition of sea burials dates back to ancient times, reaching as far back as when humans first started going to sea. Traditionally, it was provided for departed military personnel and their families, although one did not really need a connection to the navy to be accorded the rite.

In the old days, the bodies were wrapped in a weighted shroud to be cast off. Today, developments have been designed and established to make sure that a burial at sea not only provides necessary symbolism for the departed who wished for it (or his or her family), but also satisfy health and environmental considerations. Read more from this blog:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Some Great Photo Tips to Make the Most of your San Juan Island Cruises

Planning on taking rest from the city’s hustle and bustle to experience paradise and frolic on the pristine natural wonders of San Juan Islands? Are you an outdoor enthusiast seeking adrenalin rush from aqua adventures? Or perhaps, you’re more of the laid-back art aficionado looking for local art pieces? San Juan Island cruises offer a lot of potential for picture-perfect moments for you and your loved ones. Read more from this blog:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Truly Unique Experience: Watch the Migration of Gray Whales in the San Juan Islands

The sheer wonder one feels at sitting back and watching nature in all her glory is a breathtaking moment, and everyone deserves to have that moment at least once in their life. If relish such an experience, there is nothing better than watching majestic whales in their natural habitat.

The key thing to hone in on is to schedule the best time for it. The good thing is: that time is now.

Catching the Gray Whales in their Element
Gray whales have baleens, which are like thick combs made up of long, fine hair, in place of teeth. They use their baleens to scoop up sediment from the ocean floor, and subsequently filter it for planktons and krill.

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, whalers nearly hunted them to extinction. It wasn’t until 1946 that an international treaty was signed to manage whale hunting. Almost thirty years later, the Endangered Species Act - alongside the management of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - helped ensure that gray whales were allowed to reproduce back from the edge of extinction. Read more from this blog:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Making the Most Out of Your Vacation: Know What You Can Expect from San Juan Island Cruises

Sailing is a sport that everyone can enjoy. A day, or even a few hours out on a cruise, lets you get back in touch with your physical self and with nature. It’s the perfect opportunity to contemplate, or to bond with loved ones and friends.

San Juan Island cruises provide the perfect opportunity to commune with nature in many ways. Get to see and explore areas with exciting wildlife. Watch the frolicking whales and go bird watching, if you wish.

To get the most out of your cruise, it’s important to know what to expect. Read more from this blog:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Booking a Private San Juan Islands Cruise is Within Everyone’s Reach

Booking a private yacht charter is thought of by many as one of the most luxurious experiences in life. There is nothing more appealing and pleasant than sailing through beautiful waters and enjoying the view, surrounded by the people you love, on a boat you have commissioned for only you and yours. Every bit of happiness gets better when it is shared with the people who matter most.

The misunderstanding is many people think that treating themselves to such a luxury should only be considered if their bank accounts are hefty enough to handle the weight of such a special brand of happiness. But that is not true. Yachting with your own private party can be done on a budget.

A Party of Your Own

Even if you don't routinely appear on entertainment pages, a private yacht charter is a ticket to an intimate gathering that could rival the fun enjoyed by the most elite circles. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Book the Best Holiday Ever with San Juan Island Charters

Nestled in the northwest corner of the contiguous United States between the mainland and the British Islands is an archipelago known as the San Juan Islands, an emerging tourist attraction that is drawing visitors from all over the world. With over 400 islands and rock outcroppings, over 478 miles of shoreline, and a thriving ecosystem, a charter around this little pocket of paradise in the Pacific Northwest should be your next big plan on your travel itinerary.

Whale Watching

The San Juan Islands are blessed with whale sightings year round. Killer whales in the waters, for instance, are categorized into two: the residents and the transients. No matter which month you’re planning to go on one of the available San Juan Island charters, you’re likely to see these majestic orcas. The prime months for viewing are May through October.

From March to May, gray whales may also be seen on the south end of one of these islands — and again from October to November. Humpback whales with their haunting songs can also be spotted towards the end of the year. Minke whales, known for their smaller size and long dives, are very hard to study, but about 17 have been spotted on the waters of the islands year round. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Different Family Adventure: Spring Sailing the San Juan Islands

In their 1998 book, Don Douglass and Reanne Hemingway-Douglass cited sailing the San Juan Islands as a "paradisiacal cruising experience" in the Pacific Northwest. The waterways around the archipelago are truly limitless wonders that are perfect for anybody hoping to get awed. Even better, the islands are a prime spot for sailing during the spring and summer. So if your family is planning your next big adventure, here is a rundown on why you should steer towards the San Juans in the next months.

The Salish Sea: A Majestic Waterway You Can Have to Yourself

Perhaps one of the best things about sailing during spring is that many friends and family members will be on break and able to spend more time with each other. A firsthand look at the beauty of the Salish Seas always gets better when spent with loved ones and your closest friends. In fact, people who have sailed the San Juans in the spring months often say that the presence of family and friends made the experience infinitely better. It’s not just an adventure, but a great opportunity to bond as a unit and catch up before going back to your busy lives. Read more from this blog: