Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Orcas to Oystercatchers: The Wildlife You Can Spot When Cruising the San Juan Islands, Washington

It’s no secret that cruising the San Juan Islands, Washington, is the activity of choice for anyone craving to see wildlife and nature at their most unguarded and pristine. There’s many a special sight for day tripper and avid explorer alike, with hundreds of birds and marine mammals known to live or travel through the archipelago.

It may take more than a little luck for anyone to spot the archipelago’s rarest wildlife, but there are several animals you will probably see just about any time you go cruising at peak season – and even if you go sailing another time of the year.


Better known as killer whales, orcas are the area’s most famous animal attractions and live in the archipelago all year round. People visiting the San Juan Islands in the spring through fall are bound to see three orca pods, or families, that typically emerge during those seasons. Read more from this article:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Pig War: A Curious Bit of History for Your Day Cruise Around the San Juan Islands

As soon as you board a schooner for your day cruise around the San Juan Islands, you will not only set foot on a vessel that’s part of the archipelago’s history, you will also be going on a voyage that mirrors journeys countless others have taken in the past. Though you may not be charting new waters as were 18th-century explorers, in a unique way, you will be sailing in their wake.

That’s why it’s stimulating to know some of the histories that make the San Juan Islands what they are today. With them in mind, you may find a deeper appreciation – and heightened excitement – for your one-of-a-kind day cruise.

A shared sea

Does your itinerary involve sailing to the U.S.-Canadian border? Are you planning a quick pass through British Columbia’s islands? If your answer is “yes” to either question, you’d do well to know how you’re able to sail so freely through the two countries’ shared sea. Read more from this article:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Remember to Pack These Items When You Go to Cruises Bound for the San Juan Islands

Have you already started packing for your voyage in the San Juan Islands? No doubt you’ve already covered the basics including weather-appropriate clothing, toiletries, sunscreen, and snacks, but be sure to make room in your luggage for other cruising essentials. If this is your first time on a charter, take note of these items. It’s better to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Waterproof Bags and Cases

It’s a safe assumption that you’re going to get wet on the cruise at some point, especially if you plan on spending as much time as possible on deck. Along with moisture-wicking clothing and rubber-souled shoes, invest in a dry bag or two. These watertight containers will come in handy if you plan to sneak in some diving or snorkeling in between islands. Use it to carry your gadgets, cash and other valuables whenever you leave the ship. And just for another added layer of security, get waterproof cases or bags for your cameras, phones and other electronic devices. Read more from this article:

Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Get Your Sea Legs on Multiple Day Crewed Yacht Charters

A multiple day voyage on a seafaring vessel is by far the best way to explore the San Juan archipelago. Sailing is a fun and easy vacation for most, but if someone in your party should suffer from motion sickness, they might have a more difficult time adjusting onboard. That shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying the trip, though. Help them get their sea legs easily with a few advanced preparations. Here are some great tips for smooth sailing.

Set Forth to Calmer Waters

In favorable weather, the Salish Sea is relatively calm, offering a smooth sailing experience to sailors. The entire Salish Sea is a waterway protected from Pacific Ocean swells by hundreds of little islands as well as the 290 mile-long Vancouver Island.  You won't have to worry about choppy waters and large waves rocking the boat. But just to make doubly sure, check the weather forecasts or ask experienced local sailors when the best time for sailing is. Read more from this article:

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Let Your Kids Discover Their Love for Sailing by Taking Them to Their First Yacht Charter

Cruising around the San Juan Islands is as ideal as vacations can get. It’s a fun way to explore the archipelago, but most importantly, it presents you with the opportunity to learn about oceanography, history, and naval architecture. If you’re looking to introduce your kids to sailing, a great first step would be to take them on a yacht charter. Here are a few tips to let them discover their love for sailing.

Find an Experienced Crew

Chartering with first timers can be quite difficult even if you have some experience with sailing. Instead of going bare boat, look for a company that provides a fully crewed vessel. Having a seasoned skipper at the helm and a reliable, amiable crew on the deck will make your kids feel safer on the journey. The crew would also be more than willing to teach children a few useful things about operating the vessel. Read more from this article:

Four of the Outer San Juan Islands You Should Visit on Your Boat Charter

There is a wealth of good reasons why travelers of all stripes recommend spending days on and around San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw. These four islands offer the very best of the Salish Sea when it comes to natural attractions, outdoor activities, wildlife watching, and the pleasures of port: dining, shopping, and culture.

However, there’s much more to see around the San Juan Islands than these four main destinations. If you’re planning a boat charter around the archipelago, why not make the most out of your trip and explore its farther reaches?

Here are several islands you can only visit on a private charter.

Patos Island

Patos Island – named after the Spanish word for “duck” – is at the northernmost tip of the San Juan archipelago. While its name may come from an eastern rock formation that looks like a duck’s head, or the sight of so many ducks on the isle, the island’s most distinctive feature is the Patos Island Lighthouse. This fully restored, red-roofed structure has guided vessels through the boundary between the United States and Canada for over a hundred years. Read more from this article:

Monday, November 6, 2017

Observe Green Practices on Boat Charters Around the San Juan Islands

Observing sustainable and eco-friendly practices has become the norm for many households across the country, but you don’t have to leave this habit at home when you go on vacation. While it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement of sailing around the San Juan Islands, don’t forget the environmental impact your voyage can have. These green sailing tips will help preserve the breathtaking destinations and protect the local aquatic wildlife.

Dispose of Waste Responsibly

A vast number of majestic sea creatures consider the San Juan Islands their home. Passengers must do their part in keeping the waterways clean by properly disposing waste. Instead of throwing trash overboard or anywhere on the deck, ask the crew where they keep waste that will later be discharged on land. The same goes for organic waste like food and potentially harmful chemicals like detergents. Read more from this article: