Monday, October 31, 2016

Schooners North Offers Exciting San Juan Islands Cruises in Perfect Sailing Weather

Schooners North is offering sailing cruises around the San Juan Islands this Fall season. While many would think a cloudless summer day is the ideal day to go out in the water, the autumn weather is actually better for sailing. Weather conditions are expected to remain mild, but during this time of year winds start to pick up. This is what makes Fall a great time for exhilarating sailing around the San Juans before winter finally sets in. In fact, these are the kind of conditions Schooners North’s historic wooden schooner Spike Africa was designed for.

Spike Africa was built forty years ago by Bob Sloan, a working tall ship sailor who was known throughout the Pacific for his sailing experience. The famed wooden schooner has quite a rich history to it, being used as a freighting schooner along the West Coast, Mexico and Hawaii. Read more on this article:

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