Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sailing Benefits Your Health and Well-Being

Chartering a sailboat on the San Juan Islands doesn’t just let you satisfy your thirst for ocean adventure. It also helps improve your overall well-being. By coming closer to nature, several elements--including the sun, water, wind and fresh salt air--serve as contributors to a healthier, more positive well-being.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Burial at Sea Can Ease the Stress of the Event

There’s something special about the sea that makes a burial ceremony more peaceful and heartfelt. It’s no wonder why many people wish for their body to be buried or ashes to be scattered at sea. Families and friends who want to say a final goodbye to their loved ones in a memorable way may want to consider a burial at sea.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tips on Booking a Charter Cruise for the First Time

There are many unique experiences you get out of chartering a sailboat cruise. The sights and the creatures you’ll see while on the boat are truly worth your while. To make your trip even better, you can employ these basic strategies.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spike Africa to Pause San Juan Islands Cruise to Join Wooden Boat Festival

Friday Harbor, Washington (July 20, 2016) – Schooners North’s famed vessel, Spike Africa, will take a break from cruises around the San Juan Islands to join the 40th Annual Wooden Boat Festival at the Port Townsend marina. This year’s festival will take place on September 9-11, 2016. There will be live music, delicious food, local brews, family friendly activities, exhibitions, as well as over 100 indoor and outdoor demonstrations.

The Wooden Boat Festival is held each year to provide an educational and inspiring experience for those who have a deep-seated appreciation for sailing and wooden boats. This is one of the biggest events of this kind and will feature over 300 boats both on land and water. Being a newly-restored 80-foot, 40-year old schooner Spike Africa will be one of the “tall-ship” stars of the show.

Friday, August 5, 2016

San Juan Whale Watching Company: Tips on Protecting Killer Whales

Each year, thousands of people go whale watching in the San Juan Islands with hopes of photographing an orca breaching the ocean surface. It’s not hard to understand the fascination. Not only are orcas majestic, they are also one of the sea’s smartest creatures.

Like all creatures, though, orcas require protection so that future generations can appreciate them. Following are measures that people can take to help ensure the survival of orcas:

Save Water in Your Home

Nope, you didn’t misread the heading. Believe it or not, saving water in your home can greatly impact the wellbeing of orcas. By simply turning off the tap when it’s not in use, you can ensure that there is more fresh water for salmonids, an important food fish for orcas. Other ways to conserve water include water-saving shower heads and fixing leaky pipes at home.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Burial at Sea Ceremony Becoming a Popular Alternative for Many People

As you probably know, life began in the ocean, first starting as single-cell organisms before evolving into the plethora of life now surrounding you. This may be why some people choose burial at sea instead of the more traditional means of interment, i.e. being buried in the ground. From water they came, to water shall they return.

A burial at sea ceremony represents one of the most time-honored ways of saying final goodbyes to loved ones. In fact, the practice has been conducted throughout history by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Vikings, those rugged warriors of the sea, are known to have brought this tradition to the British Isles in 700 A.D. As a result, British seafarers and the British navy often perform sea burials for fallen comrades. In modern times, many U.S. Navy servicemen still choose burial at sea, the most honorable way to be laid to rest in their view.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why Everyone Should Try Sailing the San Juan Islands at Least Once

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? Is it sunbathing on a white-sand beach? Perhaps watching the sunset from a mountain’s summit?

Either of these two are excellent options, but have you ever considered sailing as an alternative? If you yearn for a new, exciting way to enjoy your vacation, definitely consider a chartered sailing adventure–your chance to explore newly visited waters and experience the storied history of sea travel.

And, when it comes to sailing, few places in the country are as ideal as the San Juan Islands in Washington. Located below the Canadian border in North Puget Sound, the islands offer views of verdant landscapes, dynamic shorelines, delicious local food and orca whale sightings–one of the islands’ signature attractions.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Taking a San Juan Islands Sailing Cruise? Here’s What You Should Bring

From wildlife to local cuisine, there are many reasons to check out San Juan Islands sailboat cruises: a chance to see orca whales and other sea creatures swim in their natural environment; beautiful views of blue water and cloud-lined skies; enjoying local cuisine; visiting art galleries; seeing farms; and browsing museums.

But, before stepping on the boat’s deck, make sure you bring along some necessities for Pacific Northwest waters when on a San Juan Islands sailboat cruise.

A Good Camera

There’s nothing worse than seeing an orca whale breach the ocean surface without capturing a photo of it. To avoid missing the shot of a lifetime, bring a good camera with you, preferably a DSLR. Of course, bring a zoom lens as well so that you can take stunning shots from afar, because boats are mandated by law to maintain a certain distance from orcas to ensure their safety.