Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Taking a San Juan Islands Sailing Cruise? Here’s What You Should Bring

From wildlife to local cuisine, there are many reasons to check out San Juan Islands sailboat cruises: a chance to see orca whales and other sea creatures swim in their natural environment; beautiful views of blue water and cloud-lined skies; enjoying local cuisine; visiting art galleries; seeing farms; and browsing museums.

But, before stepping on the boat’s deck, make sure you bring along some necessities for Pacific Northwest waters when on a San Juan Islands sailboat cruise.

A Good Camera

There’s nothing worse than seeing an orca whale breach the ocean surface without capturing a photo of it. To avoid missing the shot of a lifetime, bring a good camera with you, preferably a DSLR. Of course, bring a zoom lens as well so that you can take stunning shots from afar, because boats are mandated by law to maintain a certain distance from orcas to ensure their safety.


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