Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tips on Booking a Charter Cruise for the First Time

There are many unique experiences you get out of chartering a sailboat cruise. The sights and the creatures you’ll see while on the boat are truly worth your while. To make your trip even better, you can employ these basic strategies.

Have an Itinerary

Once you are on the boat, you may want to wing it and do things on your own terms. However, this can get a little chaotic if you are traveling with a lot of other of people, such as a large extended family. You can make your trips more organized and less stressful by having an itinerary.

Talk to your charter service for ideas. Create a list and have goals you'd like to enjoy for the day. That way, people know what to expect throughout the cruise. It may be eating first, and then looking at the aquatic life after. Or it may be to have drinks and enjoy the sunset for a couple of hours. If you are chartering a multi-day adventure, some may want to spend a night camping off the boat in a quiet cove on a remote island.  If you're the organizer of the expedition, make sure it involves fun activities.  Your charter service can be a big help with this.

Create a Theme

Another way to have a good time on these cruises is to create a theme, if it’s permitted by the charter company. It may be a bachelor-party theme, where all of your guy friends go out on the sailboat and have a good time.  If you charter a sailing schooner, a pirate theme is ever-popular.  At Schooners North, the crew takes great joy in assisting you with this.

It may be geared towards kids, featuring all kinds of colors on the boat that display a whimsical vibe. Themes make these cruises even more unique so that all of the passengers leave with something to remember it by.

San Juan Islands cruises are great for getting away from a busy life. To make them all the more special, create a detailed itinerary and get creative with a multitude of activities.  As mentioned above, your charter service can provide you with many ideas.

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