Thursday, August 18, 2016

Burial at Sea Can Ease the Stress of the Event

There’s something special about the sea that makes a burial ceremony more peaceful and heartfelt. It’s no wonder why many people wish for their body to be buried or ashes to be scattered at sea. Families and friends who want to say a final goodbye to their loved ones in a memorable way may want to consider a burial at sea.

Intimate Setting

Because a boat can only accommodate a limited number of well-wishers, the ceremony is inherently more intimate and serene. Close family and friends who were important to the deceased can attend the services as a tight-knit group to send off their loved one. This makes the ceremony truly personal and appreciated. Also, it eliminates the need to prepare for a large number of guests, which can be stressful, especially in the middle of grief and loss.

Flexible Time

If the body is cremated, there’s no need to rush the burial ceremony. You can place the urn in your home for quite some time as you and your family deal with the loss. You can always call a company offering sea burial ceremonies anytime you want.


Water holds the symbol of infinity, making sea burials a meaningful way to pay respects to a loved one. Because water has historic importance to different cultures and religions, scattering ashes over it is appealing. Combine it with a ceremony involving music, poetry, and words from friends and families so that the event will forever leave a mark.

If you desire this type of environment for your departed loved one, then you may want to arrange for a sea burial. There are a few rules and regulations to follow, so make sure you know about them before going through the process.

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