Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Performing a Burial at Sea Ceremony

Remembering a departed loved one in a unique way is possible with a burial at sea ceremony. In some cultures this involves laying a physical body to rest in the ocean, which is considered as a peaceful and sacred way to honor someone’s life. Throughout history, it has been a tradition for some groups to bury people at sea, especially those individuals who have served in the Navy.

Why Burial at Sea?

Traditional funeral costs can range anywhere from $5,000-$10,000. A burial at sea following a cremation is the more affordable and less regulated option. Many people wish for the ashes of their loved ones to drift off and become one with the sea forever.

Scattering Locations

When you get help from a charter for one of these events, you typically have different scattering options to choose from. You may not have a preference or you may want the location to be as close as possible so that the ceremony does not take as long.


There are a few options you can choose from as far as the burial process goes. You can save money if you just want their ashes scattered in the ocean. If you don’t mind paying more, you can have a custom casket built. The use of a casket means it must conform to the regulations imposed by the authorities for burial at sea ceremonies.

Make a wise decision for your family member by considering a burial at sea. This can be a way to show your departed loved one how much you honor them.

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