Friday, May 20, 2016

Honor Loved Ones with Burials at Sea

Traditional funeral ceremonies can be expensive, reaching up to tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of spending a fortune, you can honor your loved ones by having a burial at sea. This unique ceremony can be a memorable way for the family to pay their respects.

Is it Legal?

This funeral service is legal, only if it is done the right way. You can’t just put a body out in the ocean by yourself. You need help from a licensed funeral director who can oversee the management of the body until it is laid out to sea.

If the ceremony involves a casket, it will need to undergo certain customizations so that it sinks to the seabed. There are also permits and regulations that need to be followed prior to the ceremony. For instance, if the ceremony involves a casket, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the depth of the ocean for these ceremonies needs to be 600 feet or more.

Scattering Locations

If the ceremony involves only ashes, a location can be easily chosen that satisfies the aesthetics of the family.

If one of your family members or friends has passed on, give them the funeral that they deserve through a burial at sea. Let them be laid to rest and become one with our oceans in an appropriately peaceful manner.

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