Friday, November 3, 2017

Smooth Sailing Advice for Your First Overnight Adventure on a Boat Charter

If there’s anything better than seeing the wonders of the San Juan Islands in broad daylight, it’s cruising on the calm waters on an overnight adventure. You just can’t pass up the experience of watching the sunset over the Salish Sea as you sail into a remote bay to set your anchor under the light of a full moon. If this is your first overnight voyage, however, you have to know that it’s going to be a completely different ordeal. Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your trip.

Dress Warmly

Expect the temperature to take a significant drop, especially if you like to frequent the deck. Ward off the cold by doing your best to stay dry. Avoid clothes that could get damp just by catching the sea spray, and bundle yourself up with anti-moisture apparel made of materials like polyester or laminated fabrics. On top of all that, put on a thermal insulated jacket so you can easily keep yourself warm with your own body heat. Read more from this article:

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