Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Let Your Kids Discover Their Love for Sailing by Taking Them to Their First Yacht Charter

Cruising around the San Juan Islands is as ideal as vacations can get. It’s a fun way to explore the archipelago, but most importantly, it presents you with the opportunity to learn about oceanography, history, and naval architecture. If you’re looking to introduce your kids to sailing, a great first step would be to take them on a yacht charter. Here are a few tips to let them discover their love for sailing.

Find an Experienced Crew

Chartering with first timers can be quite difficult even if you have some experience with sailing. Instead of going bare boat, look for a company that provides a fully crewed vessel. Having a seasoned skipper at the helm and a reliable, amiable crew on the deck will make your kids feel safer on the journey. The crew would also be more than willing to teach children a few useful things about operating the vessel. Read more from this article:

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