Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Voyages on the Sea: What You Get Out of Serene San Juan Islands Cruises

Many people look to the sea when they want to get away from their busy lives. Giant cruise ships are more popular than ever. But, after awhile you may begin to feel like you're trapped in a huge hotel on water. Private boat charters in the San Juan Islands afford you a different kind of luxury and so much more. When experiencing a private charter, you start to feel one with the ocean, your "ship", and sharing experiences with those who run it. Whether you’re going out with a loved one or just wishing to indulge in nature's beauty, private charters provide an intimate adventure of truly breathtaking surroundings.

Mesmerizing Views

Think of it. Could there be anything quite like sailing on the sea in an iconic wooden schooner—modeled after the tall ships of old? As soon as you step on deck, your sea blood rushes with anticipation of a genuine nautical adventure. Choose your time on the water. Even if for just an afternoon, you can see a bounty of sea life, from otters, to porpoises, to seabirds, to schooling salmon. Perhaps the most famous aquatic residents of the San Juan Islands are the pods of orca whales. More than 100,000 people each year visit this area to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures up close.
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