Friday, April 21, 2017

Private Charters Can Provide Valuable Services Including Burial at Sea

Burials at sea are intimate ceremonies that allow families to bid farewell to their departed loved ones for the final time. If you wish to have this special rite done for a relative or a friend, private charters can make it happen.

Beliefs and Traditions
During the era of the Vikings, ship burials were customary to give honor to fallen warriors and leaders. Other religions like Judaism and Christianity make mention of sending off the dead into the sea to cleanse their souls and bring them closer to heaven.

As the industrial revolution encouraged maritime travel across the oceans, shipbuilders and seafarers also practiced burials at sea for health and safety reasons. Superstitions back then say that a dead body aboard a ship brings bad luck, and they should bury them beneath the waves as a peace offering to the sea spirits. Read more from this blog:

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