Friday, January 13, 2017

San Juan Island Cruises Invite You to Explore the Unknown and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

While whale watching is most definitely the main attraction when visiting the San Juan Islands, it is also worthwhile to board a day-cruise and explore the three major islands: San Juan, Lopez, and Orcas, all of which present interesting, fun-filled activities that everyone in the family can enjoy.

San Juan Island cruises usually focus on these three islands from among all the other smaller islands and tout the greatest personalities and cultural opportunities. It doesn’t hurt that these are the most accommodating and widely known tourist spots in the San Juans.

San Juan Island

Probably the most culturally and geographically diverse of the three islands, San Juan boasts a topography featuring a curious mix of quiet valleys and popular resorts, complemented by famous art galleries, historical museums, and mouth-watering restaurants with views to die for.

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