Friday, January 20, 2017

Enjoy San Juan Island Whale Watching on a Wind-Powered Boat with Minimum Impact

There are many reasons why people visit the San Juan Islands. Some come for the beautiful hikes, some for the local artwork, but one of the biggest reasons visitors flock to the San Juan Islands is to see the Orca whales.

Orcas live in the San Juan Islands year-round. It is considered the best place in the world to see them in their natural habitat. As well as orcas, the San Juan Islands are home to humpbacks, minkes, and grey whales.

How to See the Whales

San Juan Island whale watching is something best done by boat. While there are many other ways to see the animals, you cannot beat the up-close views you get from the water. You can easily sail out on their home waters with a crew that knows the best spots and locations for seeing the whales—giving you the best chance of seeing them.

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