Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why Your Next Party Should Be on a Boat

Are you thinking of a unique way to stage your event? Would you like to have a stunning venue that will get the party going? If so, you may want to consider hiring a sailboat charter for your private party. We're not talking about a little sailboat, but rather a magnificent sailing schooner that can accommodate dozens of guests. There are many advantages and benefits to holding your event on board, as compared to the usual bar or hotel events room, not the least of which is the feel of exclusivity that it provides. Here are some reasons why you should hold your next big bash on a sailboat charter.

Natural View and Ambiance

A big chunk of the stress in party planning comes from selecting a theme as well as decorations to complete the ambiance. By simply going on a vintage boat, however, decorations wouldn’t have to be that much of a problem, because not only will the chartered boat company be the one to take care of that, but you also have at your disposal the natural beauty of the environment at sea.

For a dramatic effect, hold your event near sunset. Not only should it be a cool enough time of day, having beautiful splashes of color on the horizon also makes for a very cool kickoff to the party. At night, you have the beautiful sky adorned with brightly, twinkling stars and the sparkling lights from the shore. No other ballroom hall can give an ambiance as  romantic and dreamy, for sure.

A Unique Experience

You don’t want your party to be just like any other party in the city. You want it to feel special, and there’s nothing more special than enjoying the company of your guests at your exclusive party as you all take in the sights of the city from a different perspective, out on the water. It’s sure to give the feel like you’re all going on a short vacation, without really going very far away at all.

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