Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Different Family Adventure: Spring Sailing the San Juan Islands

In their 1998 book, Don Douglass and Reanne Hemingway-Douglass cited sailing the San Juan Islands as a "paradisiacal cruising experience" in the Pacific Northwest. The waterways around the archipelago are truly limitless wonders that are perfect for anybody hoping to get awed. Even better, the islands are a prime spot for sailing during the spring and summer. So if your family is planning your next big adventure, here is a rundown on why you should steer towards the San Juans in the next months.

The Salish Sea: A Majestic Waterway You Can Have to Yourself

Perhaps one of the best things about sailing during spring is that many friends and family members will be on break and able to spend more time with each other. A firsthand look at the beauty of the Salish Seas always gets better when spent with loved ones and your closest friends. In fact, people who have sailed the San Juans in the spring months often say that the presence of family and friends made the experience infinitely better. It’s not just an adventure, but a great opportunity to bond as a unit and catch up before going back to your busy lives. Read more from this blog:

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